How to Know someone Blocked You On Facebook

As my humanitarian initiative for the day, I've chosen to do some investigatory study to see just what, specifically, it resembles to have been blocked and removed by a person you used to be close friends with on every channel of social media. How To Know Someone Blocked You On Facebook

In order to conduct my examination, I enlisted the assistance of my editor, Alexia. Alexia and I are close friends throughout social media networks Facebook

So, we underwent facebook social media sites network as well as I took screenshots of what it appears like to be friends, obstructed and also, if applicable, erased. And we did it all on the mobile app variations since, lets be actual, we're all on our phones regularly than we get on computer systems anyway.

How To Know Someone Blocked You On Facebook

How To Know Someone Blocked You On Facebook Facebook gives you the options to be pals, to obstruct and to How To Know Someone Blocked You On Facebook remove. So we discovered all 3.

Here's what it resembles when you're GOOD FRIENDS:

See exactly how "Pals" is highlighted in blue with a checkmark beside the person's silhouette? I also drew a convenient little red box around it. Yeah, that indicates you're good friends.

Right here's what it resembles when you've been DELETED:

Oh, WOULD YA Take A Look At THAT? "Buddies" has been altered to "Add Good friend." That's because you were simply deleted.

Below's just what it appears like when you've been OBSTRUCTED:

Other Ways:
1) Visit the page of the Facebook pal concerned. In the top right, click "See relationship" to reveal your current web content with each other.

2) Scroll via the wall posts in the middle of the display. If all the messages are from the other individual and also yours are missing, they has been concealing your messages.

3) Message something on his/her wall surface as well as make note of the two or 3 previous articles so you recognize where it should be. Examine back in a day or more to see if it's still there.

... And after that unfriend those bitches if they obstructed you. How To Know Someone Blocked You On Facebook