Delete Facebook Post

Delete Facebook Post - I posted a standing update on Facebook and really have to remove it promptly. How can I do that promptly?

Uh oh, sounds like there's something going on and a precise back story, but since you really did not share, we'll have to just envision that your message makes your partner look negative, you admitted to a horrendous crime or you have a dreadful typo and also just cannot manage the objection it's garnered. All 3 are most definitely issues (though if you have a typo you can in fact edit a post to repair it, so you understand!).

There is a prevailing sense that when you post something to a social website like Facebook that it's secured and also there forever, but you can absolutely return and also remove your condition update later on, either minutes, days or perhaps months later on. It's still in the Facebook historical archive and also other people who have actually reshared it could still see it, however you can most certainly remove it from your own timeline.

And also it's only concerning a 15 second process.

I recently uploaded a link to an economics write-up where Facebook cannot grabbed a picture as well as offer a sneak peek, so I reposted it. The 2nd time it worked penalty. But I had to remove the first standing update, so I'll reveal you how I did that as well as you can do the exact same to relieve your personal situation.

Delete Facebook Post

To begin with, go to your Facebook newsfeed page. The top left will look like this:.

As I have actually highlighted, click on your very own name on the top left. Yours, probably, will certainly be a various name.

When you've done that, you're now watching your timeline, not a timeline of every person Facebook points you want complying with.

Scroll down and find the condition update you wish to erase. Right here's mine:.

Notice the down triangular I have actually highlighted on the top right. That extremely refined symbol is the key.

Click on it and also a food selection appears:.

There ya go.

Click on "Erase".

Click "Remove Blog post".