How to Share A Video From Youtube to Facebook

How To Share A Video From Youtube To Facebook - Sharing a YouTube video to Facebook is very easy, however in some cases Facebook makes use of an outdated thumbnail or description. The good news is, you can repair that - or at the very least make it less likely to take place.

YouTube does not supply any way to immediately publish your video clips to your Facebook profile or page. Rather you can share the video - yours or anyone else's - from the video watch web page or by directly uploading the link on Facebook.

How To Share A Video From Youtube To Facebook

Share a YouTube video clip to Facebook on a desktop computer
You can share a video to Facebook or any one of the significant social networks sites with just a few clicks.

1. Open the video watch page.

2. Below the video click the "Share" symbol

3. Click the Facebook symbol

4. A home window will certainly pop up that allows you compose your article as well as pick the message settings

5. Post

Share a video web link straight on Facebook
An alternative to using the YouTube "share" option is to paste a video clip web link straight right into a Facebook message.

When you do that, Facebook will immediately order the YouTube video thumbnail and also summary.

Help make certain the correct thumbnail and summary are presented on Facebook
Sometimes when you share a YouTube video clip web link, Facebook makes use of an outdated thumbnail or summary. How can you avoid that from occurring?

Wait to share the video up until you are sure it is:
* totally refined.
* revealed.
* the thumbnail is set on YouTube.
* the description are set on YouTube.

If you transform the thumbnail or summary, outdated information may show up if you (or anybody else) shares the video prior to Facebook has actually upgraded its cache. So slow down and do not hurry to upload.

What can you do if Facebook is using obsolete video clip details?
If you cannot wait on Facebook to upgrade it's cache, there are a couple of repairs you could attempt:.

* Write the correct summary in your blog post.
* Enter the video LINK in the Facebook debug tool to quickly update the cached description.
* If all else falls short, try reporting the problem to Facebook.