How Do You Copy and Paste something On Facebook

How Do You Copy And Paste Something On Facebook - Facebook enables users to get in touch with family members, colleagues and also good friends brand-new and old. Users can send messages to close friends, message events, share standing updates and also comment on friends' wall surfaces. The integrated copy-and-paste function of Windows computers additionally works on Facebook. Members of the site can duplicate favorite or essential message as well as paste it into their profile web page or on a good friend's account web page.

How Do You Copy And Paste Something On Facebook

Learn how to reduce, copy, and also paste text on your Facebook Android device with these actions.
1. Tap and hold your finger on the message box you are replicating message from for about 2 seconds until a food selection appears at the top of the display as well as the text becomes highlighted.

2. Drag the choice to highlight the exact message you wish to deal with.

3. Select the "Cut" or "Copy" icon choice. In some situations, cut and duplicate symbols will certainly appear instead of message. Select the icons in this situation.

4. Browse to where you intend to paste the text.
5. Faucet as well as hold the text field for 2 seconds, then touch "Paste".

Discover how to reduce, copy, as well as paste message on your Facebook Computer gadget with these actions.
1. Visit to your account at

2. Click and also highlight the text you desire to replicate.

3. Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys simultaneously to replicate the message.

4. Click inside the area you wish to paste the text.

5. Press the "Ctrl" and also "V" tricks simultaneously to paste the message.

Why does not the cut, copy, paste function work for me?
Not all applications support copying and pasting text.

How do I replicate text from the Facebook app?
The Facebook application does not allow duplicating or cutting in many parts of the app. For a workaround, you can bring up Facebook in an internet browser and cut and also duplicate from there.