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Instagram is a complimentary smart device app that allows you share your pictures with friends using the app or other social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. Instagram.Com User Search: Although you can check in to your Instagram account on your PC using an Internet web browser, you'll be restricted to a standard summary of your account. Instagram does not provide a search feature to locate friends so you have to browse directly to your Friend's account LINK, or you could utilize an Instagram Internet visitor application with search options.

Instagram.Com User Search

If You Know Your Friend's Username

1. Browse to and also log in to your account.

2. Open up a new tab on your internet browser

3. Type "" (without the quotation marks) in the address bar, changing "username" with your Friend's username. You will certainly now have the ability to click on the "Follow" button to comply with that individual.

Searching For Friends Making Use Of an Instagram Web Viewer

1. Get in the Web address of an Instagram Web viewer application, such as, or (links in Resources).

2. Click the "Sign in With Instagram" button on the page.

3. Click "Authorize" when asked whether the app could access your basic info.

4. Type the name of your Friend in the search box on the page and click the search icon stood for by a magnifying glass.

Suggestion: If you want to eliminate an Instagram visitor app's consents to access your account, go to your Instagram profile by clicking your name. Click "Edit profile" and also choose "Manage Applications" Click the "Revoke Access" button next to the application that you wish to remove.