WhatsApp Web Prepares Two New Features

WhatsApp Web reportedly set up two new after briefly testing the fingerprint lock for an Android device. Two WhatsApp Web features that are reportedly being worked on are ' group stickers ' and ' albums '.
WhatsApp Web Prepares Two New Features

WhatsApp Web Prepares Two New Features

Actually these two features are not new. Because these two features have been used in the WhatsApp app. The difference this time WhatsApp includes both new features for users accessing through a computer or laptop device.

Reported by WABetaInfo, the first feature of the album makes photos and videos in a group so that the display in WhatsApp messages is more concise.

Photos and videos sent in many numbers no longer appear one by one. This feature has been released for iOS and Android since a year ago.

The ' album ' feature in WhatsApp Web has the same functionality as it does on mobile phones. Users can delete or forward a lot of photos in a more easy way. In addition, users also no longer need to enter the photo gallery to delete or forward received photos and videos.

Quoting the IB Times, the second feature that is set up is the ' group sticker ' which is an extension feature of the ' album '. This feature makes users can group stickers into two rows.

When WhatsApp Web users send stickers at the same time, they no longer appear individually vertically. WhatsApp hasn't announced when both of these features will be launched and available to users.

WhatsApp Web was first announced on January 2015 by one of its founders, Jan Koum. At that time WhatsApp Web is only available to Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone users. It can take a while for iOS users to also use WhatsApp Web.