How to Change Birthday Facebook - for All Devices

How To Change Birthday Facebook - If you want to change your present birthday on Facebook, it is feasible although you would certainly need to follow a series of steps. Having an inaccurate birth date or the requirement for change may be a few of the reasons you would take into consideration changing your birthday. Nevertheless, if you change your date of birth too many times or in a short amount of time, you may wind up bring in a great deal of attraction on your account due to 'suspicious activity'.

How To Change Birthday Facebook

How To Change Birthday Facebook

Using the Facebook mobile app for iPad, iPhone, Microsoft or Android

  1. Introduce the Facebook mobile application to arrive on your account's home screen. In the lower best corner of your screen, tap the 'Menu' icon which resembles three straight lines.

  2. When you get to the menu screen, tap 'View Your Profile' to present your account. Below your account, you will see a row of choices. Faucet 'Edit Profile' to open the appropriate screen.

  3. Scroll to all-time low and after that tap the 'Edit Your Account Info' option. The 'About' display will appear. You need to scroll to the 'Basic Info' area and tap 'Edit' to the right of your birthday. You will arrive at an additional screen with your birthday information listed at the top.

  4. Make use of the drop-down arrows to modify the date/month/year. As you start making the changes, you will see a note below the birthday section educating you that you can just change your birthday a couple of times every year.

  5. After you are done customizing your birthday, scroll to the bottom of the display and tap the 'Save' button (blue). The adjustments will be conserved and also instantly presented on your profile for everybody to see unless you change your personal privacy settings.

Making use of the Facebook internet site

  1. Using your browser, navigate to and after that login if triggered. You will eventually arrive on the Facebook web page. Click your name either along the blue bar on top of the display or at the top of the menu (on the left side of the display). You will certainly be rerouted to a display that has your Facebook profile info.

  2. To the right of your profile picture, you will see a row of options. Click 'About' for this screen to open up on the lower part of the home window.

  3. In the menu that shows up on the left side of your display, click 'Contact and Basic Info' and also the proper screen will certainly open up to your right. Scroll down up until you reach your birthday. Hold the cursor over your birthday as well as an edit link will certainly show up to the right of your birthday.

  4. Click the 'Edit' link to make changes to your birthday information. Make changes on the date, month or even the year as you wish and afterwards click the blue 'Save Changes' button. You will certainly see a note educating you that you can just change your birthday a few times. To settle the process, click the alternative below the note to validate your age.

  5. Finally, click 'Save Changes' (the blue switch) and the changes you've made will reflect on your profile information promptly.