How to Clear Facebook Notifications - Desktop or Mobile

How To Clear Facebook Notifications - Many people make use of Facebook as a platform to commemorate life turning points. A new job, a new baby, a new residence - whatever the occasion, it's typically the best location to allow your family and friends know what's taking place in your life.

How To Clear Facebook Notifications

How To Clear Facebook Notifications

Sadly, those who comment on your posts are authorizing themselves up for days of notifications, as every person you know comments also. It's even more of a disincentive to comment than anything else.

But there are means to comment without succumbing to the onslaught of notifications. You could, for example, enter into the notifications tab in your account's settings and develop rules for when you intend to receive notifies and also when you don't.

However you can additionally erase private notifications that you no longer wish to see piled up on your notifications tab. Right here's just how to do so on your Facebook account, either on desktop computer or through your smart phone:

How to delete notifications on Facebook on desktop
Almost all notifications can be deleted, besides automatic ones fresh login informs. For every one of the various other ones, below's how to get it done:

1. Go to your Facebook account.

2. In the upper right edge, click the notifications sign (the bell).

3. Discover the notification you want to erase and touch the three dots in the right edge of that notification.

4. Select "Remove this notification"

You might see other options, relying on the type of notification. As an example, on public groups, you may have the choice only to receive notifications from pals.

Just how to delete notifications on Facebook on mobile
The procedure is usually the like it gets on the desktop version, with only a pair little differences:

1. Open your Facebook application.

2. Toggle over to your notifications, situated on the appropriate side of the top toolbar (it appears like a bell).

3. Beside the notification you wish to remove, touch the three dots.

4. Tap "Remove this notification"