How to Do Thumbs Up On Facebook - the Easy Way

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook - If you're looking to spice things up in Facebook, attempt including an interesting symbol to your comments, posts or messages. There are a selection of ways to include these symbols, usually called emojis or emoticons, and also there are well over a thousand to select from.

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook

How To Do Thumbs Up On Facebook

So this is the shortcut for thumb up emoticon: (Y)

Thumbs Up signs is frequently used to signify a 'proceed' gesture or to wish best of luck to a person. Previously the thumbs up smiley, indicator or symbol was not readily available in the main checklist of Facebook smileys. The only means to insert it into Facebook conversation and also remarks was making use of special Facebook icons.

And now Facebook has actually formally included the assistance for the Thumbs Up . You can currently easily write Thumbs Up Sign or Smiley in Facebook conversation or comments by simply typing the sign (Y), that is, a funding Y in parentheses or braces.

The icon (Y) was picked to represent the Thumbs Up due to the fact that it generally represents a Yes. Also, nearly all the carrier programs that sustain a Thumbs Up icon already use this indicator to represent it.

Try it out if you want to say Thumbs Up to someone on Facebook. If you face any kind of issues in putting the Thumbs Up indication or smiley in Facebook conversation or comments using the treatment described above, please article information making use of the comments form below.