Size Of Profile Picture for Facebook - Do It Right!

Size Of Profile Picture For Facebook: Invite to an additional part in the collection of Facebook design tutorials. In the previous blog post, we have covered the review of Facebook Ad Photo. Currently, allow's discover just how to change your Facebook profile photo to maximize your brand identity.

Size Of Profile Picture For Facebook

Size Of Profile Picture For Facebook

1. Why is Facebook profile image vital?
After Facebook cover photo, the next most famous feature of every Facebook account and service page is the profile photo. Similar to your cover picture, the profile image is always public.

The bigger Facebook cover photo together with the smaller sized profile picture work as the identification for a brand name on Facebook

Yet there is one element that makes the profile photo extremely critical or maybe even more important than the cover photo.

Unlike cover photo, which is just seen when a user checks out the brand name page, the Facebook profile image shows up every time there is an activity on Facebook by your brand name. In that regard, the Facebook profile photo obtains continuously watched by the individuals. Over a period of time, Facebook individuals start determining a brand name straight from the profile picture.

Below are the places where a profile image shows up on Facebook.

  • The News feed of your followers

  • Posts on your page’s Timeline

  • When you reply to comments.

  • Comments that you make & posts which you share on other pages while using your page

  • Top left to the Cover photo on your Timeline

Due to the reasons discussed above, the Facebook profile photo is among one of the most powerful images being made use of on Facebook and also has an excellent application as a brand identifying function.

Types of profile photos on Facebook

  • Profile image for a personal Facebook account.

  • Profile image for a Business/Brand or Fan Page account.

2. Profile Photo for an Individual Facebook Account

Image Standards for Facebook profile Photo (Personal Account).

  • Need to go to least 180 x 180 pixels or more when publishing.

  • The photo will appear on the web page as 160 x 160 pixels on the desktop, 140 x 140 on smart devices, and also 50 x 50 on many function phones.

  • Photo thumbnail will show up throughout Facebook timeline at 32 x 32 pixels.

3. Profile Picture for a Facebook Business Page

Image Guidelines for Facebook profile Photo (Business Page).

  • Have to go to least 180 x 180 pixels while submitting.

  • Style your initial photo squarely (preferably 340 x 340 or 500 x 500) for the best outcomes after submitting the image to Facebook.

  • The photo will appear on the web page as 180 x 180 pixels on the desktop computer, 128 x 128 on mobile phones, and 36 x 36 on most function phones.

  • Photo thumbnail will certainly appear throughout Facebook at 32 x 32 pixels. (when you comment, share Posts & in the newsfeed of your visitors.).

  • Company Page photos will certainly be cropped to fit a square. If the initial picture is not square, after that after posting the profile photo will certainly get chopped to 180 x 180 and you will certainly not such as to have a cropped photo as your profile photo.

  • You obtain the choice to Re-position the picture after you post the picture. Yet to get the most effective results it far better to comply with the third factor over.

  • If the pictures are as well small (100 x 100) then it will obtain obscured on bigger screens.

The Facebook profile picture is tiny in dimension yet huge in the application. It is the only image of your brand that will certainly be visible in all the devices and also in all the circumstances of using Facebook.

For that reason, it is not something that can be taken lightly. The straightforward fact that the Facebook profile photo is the only picture of your brand name that is seen by everyone who utilizes Facebook, makes it the supreme branding powerhouse. Postplanner in one of their write-ups specify that the Facebook profile image is, in fact, more crucial than the cover picture.