Why Does Tiktok Keep Crashing iPhone: How to Fix and Troubleshoot the App

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing iPhone - TikTok crashes are the worst. You're sitting there, trying to discover a new dance relocation or watch brief videos of unfamiliar people lip-synching to Cardi B, when suddenly: boom. The screen ices up and/or the application crashes entirely, leaving you without an important form of culture as well as interruption from fact. But don't worry, when that takes place there are a number of things you can try to obtain TikTok up and running once more, and we've assembled some of one of the most common solutions below.

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing iPhone

TikTok Crashing

1. Close as well as reboot TikTok

If the application isn't responding to your taps, or the display appears frozen, it could be time to just close it down. Ensure you fully shut the app-- don't leave as well as let it run in the history. This basically reboots the software, and when you reopen TikTok the accident will certainly have, fingers crossed, fixed itself.


Open up the recent applications menu on your phone. For some tools, you do this by looking down at the row of three buttons at the end of the screen. Hitting the leftmost switch will bring up all the apps you have actually been utilizing throughout the day. Either faucet 'close all' to close all of them at once, or swipe via to find and also shut TikTok.

apple iphone:

According to Apple, there are different ways to access your recent applications menu relying on the version of your phone. Devices that are apple iphone X or later can access the menu by swiping up from the very lower of the display and pausing slightly once you get to the middle of the display or begin to see photos of your recently used apps. On apple iphone 8 or earlier designs, simply double-tap the home switch to raise the menu.

Apple does not have a 'close all' button, so you'll have to swipe through your applications to discover TikTok. Once you've located it, tap it, then glide the application as much as totally close it down.

2. Examine your wifi connection

Still not working? Time to examine your wifi connection. TikTok will not work without a net connection, so ensure you examine if you're on the internet.

You can quickly inspect your net link on Android and apple iphone by checking out the wifi signal in the upper right edge of your display. If you're linked yet have a weak signal, you could still be experiencing connectivity problems. You can locate a stronger signal by switching the network you're using or, if you're at home, you can try to fix your web link by reactivating the router.

3. Look for TikTok updates as well as web server condition

Your app could be outdated, which can cause crashes or mistake messages. Check for updates on Google Play or the App Store to see if there's any type of available on the store or if an auto-update is pending.

It's also an excellent suggestion to see if TikTok's web servers are down. There are various web sites that will allow you recognize, such as Downdetector, or you can check the #tiktokdown hashtag on Twitter to commiserate with other individuals having problem with the application. There's likewise an official TikTok Twitter account that must supply details on any kind of interruptions.

4. Clear your cache

Okay, perhaps there's something weird going on with the information that's saved on your phone-- it could be corrupted or something. The very best means to handle this is deleting that kept information, which can force the application to 'refresh' itself, in a way, by taking information from the initial software as opposed to your phone. Clearing the cache should not erase the app or your account.


Reach your settings screen either by swiping down as well as striking the equipment icon in the top right-hand edge or choosing the 'Settings' app on your phone. A listing of classifications will show up; scroll down up until you see 'Apps' and touch on it. Currently it should take you to a long checklist of apps. Experience it until you locate the TikTok app, click on 'Storage,' and after that hit the 'Clear cache' switch.


Remarkably enough, clearing your cache on the iPhone depends upon the third-party app you're making use of. The majority of the moment, you'll discover the choice to clear your cache by entering into your iPhone's settings, locating the application, and selecting 'Reset cache on next launch.'

One more alternative that could be better for iPhone users is clearing the cache through the TikTok app itself. According to the firm, you can go to your account, tap the setups symbol (the three dots straight), as well as struck 'clear cache.'

5. Uninstall as well as re-install TikTok

Possibly something failed with the most recent update and also it ruined your install. Perhaps it's a software bug. Whatever the cause, none of the options listed above have actually assisted. So now it's time to go nuclear: Uninstall the app from your phone to totally wipe it out. Then, go back to its store page and re-install it. With luck, this must take care of the problem since there's really nothing fresher than a full reinstall.

For both Android and also apple iphone customers, the most convenient method to uninstall TikTok is by holding back the application's symbol. A little pop-up menu should appear with the choice to 'uninstall' or 'delete app'. Select it to do away with the application from your phone.