How to Get Contact Number From Facebook - the Simple Way

How To Get Contact Number From Facebook. Facebook allows users to show or hide their contact info. If the contact info of the person whose number you're searching for is opened, getting his phone number is easy. If the contact details is locked, it will be your contact's choice if you can have his contact number.

How To Get Contact Number From Facebook

How To Get Contact Number From Facebook

Action 1: Follow the Facebook link in the Resources section below.

Action 2: Log right into your account, or register for an account if you do not already have one.

Action 3: Type the name of the individual whose info you are trying to get into the "Search" field, and after that click the search button, which has a little magnifying glass icon on it.

Tip 4: Scroll down the profile display to the Details location. If the contact details is unlocked, you must immediately see a phone number. Sometimes, contact info such as an Instantaneous Messenger display name or an e-mail address might be consisted of rather than a contact number or physical address.

Step 5: Send a message with Facebook's messaging system, if a contact number is not readily available. Request that the contact provide you with her telephone number and include your reason for requesting that info. To send the message, click the "Send (person's name) a Message" link.

Step 6: Compose your message as well as include a subject header just as you would with email, and afterwards click the "Send" button. Your message will either be accepted or denied as picked by the message receiver.