Who Searched for Me On Facebook - is It Possible?

Who Searched For Me On Facebook - I think of there's many individuals around that would be quite thinking about learning who's been searching for them on Facebook.

I f you're one of them then you'll possibly enjoy this post since I observed something rather cool down the various other week which permits you to do simply that, as well as I'm going to share it with you today.

It's not the most 'functional' of approaches, yet it functions-- and it's the only technique I know that does. I know there's a tons of apps that declare they can reveal you who's been looking for you however the majority of them are simply duff & are developed with various other purposes (such as swiping accessibility to your account to post spam).

With this approach you do not need to enter your username & password anywhere so unlike with other approaches there's no risk to your account.

Who Searched For Me On Facebook

Who Searched For Me On Facebook

Here's just how I found it ...
At the time of creating this post I do not utilize Facebook-- I haven't done so for quite a while as well as I do not intend to in the near future.

As you can probably gather I'm not a big follower of Facebook, but I do have an account ...

It doesn't have anything on it, it's simply an empty account arrangement with my name and also it was produced with the sole intent of permitting me to sign up to particular internet sites. You understand ... The ones where you have to have a Facebook account to obtain access.

So yeah as high as I do not such as Facebook I was basically required to produce an account.

Now below's the thing-- a couple of weeks back I took place an evening out & I satisfied a lady. We talked awhile and also I offered her my number.

Disappointingly I never ever spoke with her once more (and also I could not remember her name * whoops *).

But ...
A few days after I just so occurred to sign right into Facebook on my phone, as well as guess who existed in my 'recommended good friends'?

None besides the woman I satisfied on that evening out!

So after that evening out she must have searched for me on Facebook (possibly to see if I have a partner ... as well as perhaps to bear in mind what I actually look like).

And because Facebook does not understand who else to advise to me (since I don't have anything on my Facebook profile), it's decided to reveal me suggested buddies based on who has actually been looking for me.

So here's the deal ...
If you already have a Facebook account you're advised close friends will not always show people that have been looking for you. Certain, a few of them could have looked for you however there is no chance of informing for sure.

As a standard Facebook will reveal you advised friends based upon your passions, who your currently good friends with & what groups you've joined-- among a whole lots of other things.

But if you have not established anything up in your Facebook account, and you don't have any type of good friends-- it doesn't know that to suggest ...

So it reveals you individuals that have searched for you as it's next-best assumption! Trendy huh?

Now if you do not already have a Facebook profile however would want finding out who's looking for you on there then do what I did-- established a blank account and also take a look at your 'recommended buddies' (however be sure to review the vital pointers below, otherwise it may screw up).

And also if you do currently have a Facebook yet would likewise be interested in discovering that's been looking for you, here's what you'll need to do ...

  • Produce a different account (using your real name) and also publish an account picture of on your own.

  • Do nothing else to the account.

Currently when individuals search for you they'll see 2 accounts turn up-- normally they'll click on both to discover which one is 'the genuine you' ... It'll be obvious which one is your primary account as it'll have close friends as well as updates, yet cunningly you've obtained another account sitting there ready to capture unwary searchers.

After that, when you're ready to find out who's been searching for you all you need to do is sign into the 'empty' account and have a look at your advised friends ... Bazinga! You obtained them.

But, take into consideration these important suggestions ...
Firstly, make use of sound judgment-- also on your 'blank' account Facebook will advised some 'arbitrary' friends, so not everybody that appears there will have looked for you ... However if someone shows up there who you occurred to satisfy who would have had no other prior connection to you (like the example I stated concerning the lady in the club), after that opportunities are they have actually looked for you ... or else I think you'll concur that's one significant coincidence.

Secondly-- do not do anything on your 'empty' account besides check in & scroll with the listing of advised friends.

Seriously, absolutely nothing.

Do not browse any person, don't click on accounts-- do not do anything.

The 2nd you provide Facebook some details it'll start utilizing it so suggest friends so it will certainly come to be harder to tell who has actually looked for you & who's been shown there because they're linked to something you have actually clicked on or looked.

To cover it up
There you have it-- that's precisely just how you can figure out that's been looking for you on Facebook. No doubt you'll concur that's it not the easiest/most practical approach in the method, but hey ho it works & it's the only method I understand that does.

So yeah, I wish you taken pleasure in the guide & if you occur to go on & utilize this technique then let me recognize exactly how it exercises for you ... Did you manage to catch anyone?

And obviously if you happen to understand of any other techniques that work then let me understand about them too & I'll check them out.