How to Connect Twitter to Facebook Account - the Easy Way

How To Connect Twitter To Facebook Account - You could intend to post your Tweets on Facebook if you handle an account on both platforms and also want to stay clear of needing to manually get in the same data on both sites. Connecting Twitter and Facebook would enable you to post a Tweet and have it instantly appear on your Facebook account, as well.

Unfortunately, in 2018, a Facebook update gotten rid of the capability to instantly post Tweets to Facebook profiles. However, what wasn't impacted in the modifications is exactly how third-party tools can communicate with Facebook Pages.

How To Connect Twitter To Facebook Account

How To Connect Twitter To Facebook Account

Below are your only alternatives for collaborating with Facebook and twitter.

If you have a Facebook Web page that you want updated continuously with each new Tweet you create, you can convert your Tweets to an RSS feed as well as import the feed right into a service that will certainly auto-post its contents to your Facebook Web page.

It seems difficult but it's really extremely simple: produce an RSS feed from your Twitter profile and after that make use of IFTTT to run the feed via your Facebook Page.

This is the opposite relationship, where your Facebook posts are sent out to your Twitter profile. This is perfect if your supreme objective with a Facebook and twitter integration is to post on just one website and also allow the other one be handled immediately.

Visit the Facebook to Twitter page and also adhere to the directions to accredit Facebook to access your Twitter account and choose which sort of Facebook posts ought to be automatically Tweeted (status updates, photos, links, videos, notes, and/or occasions).

This collaborates with Facebook accounts as well as Pages.

For a Tweet to be made from your Facebook post, the post needs to be readily available to the general public. Facebook has instructions for doing that if you're not sure just how.


Another method to post the same thing on your Twitter profile and also Facebook Web page without needing to change in between the websites is to use a social media sites posting platform like Barrier, Later On, Hootsuite, or CoSchedule.

You can arrange similar posts on several systems to basically post Tweets on a Facebook Web page immediately, as well as the other way around.