How to Delete Facebook Archived Messages - the Easy Way

How To Delete Facebook Archived Messages - Facebook keeps a record of your messages and chats whether you like it or otherwise. Whatever you type through the exclusive messaging system is logged by default, though you do have the option to remove these archives at a later stage. Note that removing messages doesn't affect the copies held by the other participants in the discussion. They'll still be able to review the messages from their very own inboxes even if you have actually erased your duplicate.

How To Delete Facebook Archived Messages

How To Delete Facebook Archived Messages

1. Navigate to Facebook. The Facebook Messenger app doesn't allow you to access your archived messages, so you'll require to be on a computer system to do so.

2. Click your "Messages" tab. You'll discover this in the leading right section of your Facebook toolbar, between the "Friend Requests" and "Notifications" tabs; the Messages tab appears like application carrier.

3. Click the "See All" option. This is at the bottom of the messages drop-down menu; clicking "See All" will take you to your message collection.

4. Click the "More" option. This is above your checklist of messages on the left side of the screen; clicking "Even more" will motivate a drop-down menu.

5. Click the "Archived" option. This will open your Archived messages folder, where you can remove your archived messages.

6. Click on a conversation you wish to delete. You'll require to do this from the checklist of archived messages on the left side of your display; doing so will bring up the message in the facility of your screen.

7. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the message. This will certainly prompt a drop-down menu with choices for your specific message.

8. Click the "Delete Conversation" option. Facebook will certainly trigger you for confirmation prior to adhering to your request. If you aren't fairly all set to erase the discussion however don't want to get notices from it any longer, you can additionally click the "Mute Conversation" option here.

9. Click "Delete Conversation" on the pop-up window. This will permanently erase your conversation from your Messages folder!