How to Erase Facebook Page | for All Devices

Whether your Facebook page is implied for business, fans, or individual projects, often it's time to bid farewell and struck the erase button. How To Erase Facebook Page: Initially allow's see to it we're on the very same page-- no pun meant! Some people want to erase a web page if it's out of day or unreliable. You might additionally delete a Facebook follower page for an old event, task, or initiative that is no longer pertinent. For example, in this tutorial, I'll be demonstrating how to remove a Facebook page developed for a theater manufacturing from two years earlier. Irreversible removal may not be right for your Facebook page due to the fact that:

  • You have comparable or replicate pages

  • You do not have time to handle and also frequently blog post on your page

If either of these holds true for you, check out the area listed below of merging and unpublishing pages before you go through the removal procedure.

How To Erase Facebook Page

How To Erase Facebook Page

How to delete a Facebook page via desktop computer
As soon as you're you have actually decided and you're ready to erase your Facebook page, follow these actions. If you're removing your page on mobile, jump ahead to the following area.

1. Log in to Facebook
Begin by opening Facebook and also authorizing into your account.

2. Go to your Facebook pages
In the menu that shows up on the left side of the display, select "Pages," found under "Explore.".

3. Select the Facebook page you intend to delete
On the next display that appears, you will certainly see every one of your Facebook pages. (The ones pictured right here have actually not been made use of for quite time, making them perfect for this tutorial.).

Click on the page name you wish to remove. Here, we are erasing the page for a play which hasn't been competing over 2 years.

4. Click settings
You will certainly now see your Facebook page. In the upper-right corner, select "Settings.".

5. Click "Edit" in the row that claims "Remove page".
You'll now find yourself with a list of different Facebook settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the very last row, you'll locate the option "Delete your page." Click words "Edit" because row.

6. Remove your Facebook page
An alert will certainly appear, allowing you understand that you have 14 days to restore the page if you transform your mind.

To go ahead and also remove your page, click "Delete " You'll discover words in blue.

7. Click "Delete page".
After you click that "delete" button, one more pop-up will certainly show up, asking if you make sure you want to remove the page.

To make it official, proceed click that large blue "Delete page" switch.

You'll likewise see the option to tick a box as well as "Unpublish this page." We'll discuss this option more in the upcoming section "Before you hit delete.".

When you have actually formally erased your page, a pop-up window will certainly validate the page has actually been erased. Click OK.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile (iphone or Android)
Want to know how to erase a Facebook page while you're out as well as concerning? Below's exactly how to do just that.

1. Open up the Facebook app
Open your phone's Facebook application, and also log in if needed.

2. Click the Facebook menu
In the upper-right corner of your screen you'll notice 3 line; faucet these 3 lines for your Facebook menu.

3. Go to your Facebook pages.
In the menu that appears, select "Pages" with the yellow flag icon. The order of the menu alternatives can differ; you may need to scroll down to discover that symbol.

4. Select the page to erase
A list of your Facebook pages will certainly show up; touch the page you want to erase.

If you don't see the page you're seeking, touch "See all.".

5. Click the three dots
In the upper right edge, beside the search bar, click the 3 dots.

Keep in mind: There is one more option with 3 dots alongside the page switch. These three dots are to edit your button; to erase a Facebook page, make certain you tap on the dots right on the top of your screen.

6. Modify page
On the menu that shows up, select "Edit page".

7. Go to "Settings".
On your phone display, you'll see numerous areas of your Facebook page you can choose to edit. Tap on the option for "Settings.".

8. Select "General"
You'll now choose the really first option for your Facebook page setups, "General".

9. Go to the Remove page section.
On the next page that shows up, you'll require to scroll to the area entitled "Remove page.".

At the end of the section, you'll see a question in blue, asking, "Delete ?" Click these blue words that are tailored to your Facebook name.

10. Erase page on Facebook
2 switches will show up, along with the alert that you just have 2 week to restore deleted pages.

To completely erase your Facebook business page, click heaven one which says "Delete page".

Before you strike delete: Steps as well as options to think about before you remove a Facebook page
Once you delete a Facebook page, even if it's within the 14-day remediation period, it can be challenging to get it back.

Conserve yourself possible headaches down the road and take into consideration combining or unpublishing your Facebook page. Or, if you declare the time has actually come to state good-bye and also delete the page, checked out the adhering to section on downloading your Facebook page data.

1. Merge your Facebook pages.
2. Unpublish or hide your Facebook page.
3. Download your Facebook page data.

How To Erase Facebook Page as well as More

If you're deleting an old Facebook page, opportunities are you might have a few other social media possessions to tidy up also.