How Do I Hide My Friends List On Facebook Mobile - for All Devices

How Do I Hide My Friends List On Facebook Mobile: Facebook's currency is you - you and all of your personal information. That's one factor Facebook likes to maintain most info concerning you public. By default, your profile details, posts, as well as even your friends are available for all to see.

In practice, it's usually convenient for your friends list to be public, since it can assist people to discover and get in touch with you, by verifying friends they also recognize.

If you prefer, you can restrict Who can see your entire Friends list making use of Facebook's Privacy Settings. You may not desire every person to see it, particularly if you wish to mask the identity of some friends from others. Or perhaps you simply value your Privacy as well as do not desire everyone to recognize Who you're linked to online.

How Do I Hide My Friends List On Facebook Mobile

How Do I Hide My Friends List On Facebook Mobile

How to hide your friends on Facebook by means of a desktop
1. Open Facebook in an internet internet browser.

2. Click the downward-pointing arrowhead on top right of the websites to reveal the menu.

3. Click "Settings".

4. In the pane on the left side of the display, click "Privacy".

5. In "How People Find and Contact You," discover "Who can see your friends list" and click "Edit.".

6. Pick Who you want to have the ability to see your friends list - you can select from options consisting of Friends and also Simply Me (which hides it from everybody). If you click "Custom" you can select to enter specific names. For instance, you can share your friends list with every one of your friends with the exception of Bob Smith.

Just how to hide your friends on Facebook using a mobile device.
1. Start your Facebook app.

2. Tap the 3 horizontal lines (this is the hamburger menu). On the apple iphone, this is in the lower right of the screen; on Android, it remains in the top right.

3. Faucet "Settings & Privacy".

4. Faucet "Settings".

5. Scroll to the Privacy section and also tap "Privacy Settings".

6. Scroll to "How people find and contact you" as well as tap "Who can see your friends list?".

7. Choose Who you intend to be able to see your friends list. You can pick to restrict the list to friends or simply to "Only Me" (which hides it from everyone else). If you pick "Friends except ..." you can block details people from seeing your friends list.