How to Download Facebook Album - A Step by Step Guide

Facebook is a gold mine of images and also videos of you and your friends. So below's How To Download Facebook Album.

We'll show you the main techniques as well as third-party Facebook image downloader applications. Enabling you to download your images, your friends' photos, and videos.

How To Download Facebook Album

How To Download Facebook Album

How to download Facebook Photos

If you intend to conserve a single photo on Facebook, never mind with third-party applications or websites. Facebook itself provides an easy downloader device.

  • On Desktop computer: Open up the picture, hover your mouse over it till you see the caption and menu options, as well as click Options > download.

  • On Mobile: Open the picture in the Facebook application, faucet Menu (the three-dot symbol) > Save Photo

You can utilize this approach to download Facebook photos. It's as simple as that. Nevertheless, to download your friends' Facebook pictures, their Facebook photo personal privacy settings must allow for it.

Exactly How to download Facebook Albums

If you wish to download a Facebook album from your own account, Facebook has an easy approach to do that. Once more, you do not need any kind of third-party downloader applications for this.

  • Search to your profile by clicking your own name.
  • Go to Photos > Albums.
  • Open up the album that you intend to download.
  • In the top-right corner, click the gear icon and also click download Album.

Facebook will certainly reach work zipping up every one of the pictures. Depending upon the dimension of the cd, this can take some time. Once it's done, you will certainly obtain a notification telling you that the album is ready to download.

The downloaded and install album comes as data. Extract it to get all the pictures.

How to download All of Your Facebook Photos

There is also an easy technique to download all pictures from Facebook that you have ever before posted. You will certainly even obtain them in the best sub-folders by cd. But the names of the documents can be a little unusual.

Here's the easy Facebook image downloader provided by Facebook itself:

  • Surf to Facebook setups on your desktop computer web browser, or click

  • Click Your Facebook info in the sidebar.

  • Faucet Download your information.

  • Click Deselect all, after that pick only the Photos and videos box.

  • Choose the top quality of the photo files. I suggest transforming Medium to High if you want full-resolution copies. The setup you pick will certainly figure out the size of the file. If you have a great deal of photos, this will certainly increase the file size and the time taken to get it ready.
  • Click Create File.

Facebook will certainly take some time to obtain documents ready, depending upon the amount of photos and also videos you carry Facebook. This can be numerous gigabytes too. Once it's done, you will certainly obtain a notice to download it from Readily available Data. download as well as unzip it to see all of your images, with albums as sub-folders.

How to download Other People's Facebook Albums

While Facebook makes it very easy to download your very own albums, it does not allow you save a friend's cds. A lot of Facebook photo cd downloader apps do not function. The best working application we found is a third-party Chrome extension called DownAlbum.

Be cautioned, DownAlbum isn't easy to use. Nonetheless, our advised app is only offered on Android, so if you desire a Facebook photo album downloader application that's not on Android, here's just how to make use of DownAlbum.

  • On your desktop, produce a brand-new folder called DownAlbum.
  • Download: DownAlbum for Chrome (Free).
  • Open Facebook and also surf to a close friend's image album.
  • When the DownAlbum symbol turns orange, click it.

  • In the dropdown menu, click Normal.

  • Click OK on any verification dialog boxes, and also await DownAlbum to load all of the photos.

  • Wait on it to tons; it can spend some time. The brand-new tab has guidelines on how to download your buddy's Facebook images to your computer. You'll require to push Ctrl+S on Windows as well as Linux or CMD+S on macOS.

  • Save it as Web Page, Complete inside the DownAlbum folder on your desktop computer. This will certainly generate an HTML file as well as a folder with all the pictures in it.

  • Close Chrome, and afterwards on your computer most likely to the folder in DownAlbum. Cut and paste the pictures in any other folder of your selection, and then delete all documents in the DownAlbum folder.