How to See Friendship On Facebook App - Complete Way

How To See Friendship On Facebook App - After you have actually been on Facebook for some time, you'll likely discover that you have actually littered your closest friends' Timelines with posts, identified pictures, as well as invitations. Facebook provides a fast way to see all the interaction you've shared with a private close friend gradually with the Friendship Page feature.

A Friendship Page collects the Timeline posts as well as replies you have actually shared with a friend, pictures in which you're both labelled, a listing of event invites to which you've both reacted, and also the list of mutual friends you share. The Friendship Page even supplies a default cover photo and also account photo. It's essentially a version of Timeline that's about 2 people, instead of someone.

To see the Friendship Web page you show to among your friends, adhere to these steps:

How To See Friendship On Facebook App

How To See Friendship On Facebook App

Step 1. Check in to your Facebook account.

Step 2. Navigate to a buddy's Timeline.

See Friendship On Facebook

Click the button with the three dot icon on the cover image, and after that choose "See Friendship." Facebook displays the relationship page for you and also your good friend.

View Other Friendships
Step 1. Check in to your Facebook account.

Step 2. Browse to the Timeline of one of the good friends.

Step 3. Duplicate the friend's Facebook ID from the URL in the address bar. The ID is the string of personalities-- typically a name-- that shows up after "". Neglect the question mark and anything after it. For example, if the URL is, the close friend's individual ID is "john.smith".

Step 4. Navigate to the Timeline of the various other person, and also replicate his Facebook ID.

Step 5. Open up a new tab in your internet browser, and kind or paste the following into the address bar:

Step 6. Change "First ID" with the first ID, as well as replace "Second ID" with the other ID.

Press "Enter" to view the relationship page for the two people.

You additionally might be able to view the relationship in between 2 individuals by clicking the "Even more" switch on one of your very own relationship web pages, and after that going into the names of the two individuals. Nonetheless, this may not work for all individuals.