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What Is Facebook's Phone Number - There are a few methods you can contact Facebook for troubles with your account, yet you ought to normally make use of Facebook's Help Center.

If you call either of the Palo Alto-area phone numbers you'll easily discover for the social networks mega system by means of on-line search (those are 650-543-4800 and also 650-308-7300, for the document), you'll obtain a recording. It will talk you through a series of menus, each alternative of which will ultimately guide you to send out an e-mail to a suitable account. These consist of press@FB.com for media inquiries and also records@FB.com for police issues.

However if you struck 1 for customer service? The recording will route you to click words "Help" claiming that it's "found at the bottom of any Facebook page." Here's things: it isn't. In fact, if you're on your major Facebook feed, there is no "base" of the page.

Here are a couple of things you can do instead.

What Is Facebook's Phone Number

What Is Facebook's Phone Number

How to contact Facebook customer support
If you wish to contact Facebook, you'll initially need to log right into your account. Then look up on top right corner of the display. There, you'll see a little enigma inside a dark circle. Click it, after that from the dropdown menu, pick "Report a Problem."

Another menu will certainly pop up that features 3 clickable alternatives. These are:

  • Payment Issue

  • Something Isn’t Working

  • Abusive Content

If you are reporting hate speech or a problem with your account like, claim, trouble submitting pictures, you'll know where to go. ("Abusive Content" for the hate, "Something Isn't Working" for the upload issue, e.g.). However, for more basic client service inquiries, Facebook is rather inscrutable.

Your best choice might be to do an end run around the individuals from Facebook itself, and instead most likely to the Help Community as well as asking other platform individuals like on your own.

Just how to ask the Facebook Help Community a question

What Is Facebook's Phone Number

From any type of Facebook web page, once again click that question mark at the top right of the page. At the top of the dropdown menu you'll see the words "Help Center" Click there.

On the Help Center web page, scroll down regarding you can. On the left near the bottom of the web page, click "Visit Help Community".

You will be required to a web page where lots of concerns have currently been addressed, however where you can likewise post your very own concern. On top right of the Help Community web page is a gray box with words "Ask a Question".

Struck that link. On the next page, pick the ideal Subject as well as Sub-Topic, then kind your question. Now it's time for some waiting. Regardless of where you uploaded your query, you can go to your "support Inbox" from the menu that falls from that very same question mark to see if anybody, be it a handy Community participant or actual staffer, has decided to provide you a hand.

Exactly how to contact Facebook through various other social networks systems
One more means to attempt to connect with Facebook is to connect to them via or state them on an additional social media system. You can send a direct message to FB using Twitter or use their @Facebook Twitter account in a Tweet you upload. If it gets sufficient traction, they will likely see it.

That's about What Is Facebook's Phone Number. So too can you approach via Instagram, including Facebook in an article, but unless you get a lot of love on that particular breeze, possibilities are you're better back on the Facebook Help Center.